The City

Passaic has several business districts: Main Avenue beginning at Passaic Park and follows the curve of the river to the city center. The city hosts several architecturally notable churches, including the St. John’s Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church of Passaic and Episcopal Church in the United States of America Episcopal of St. John. The Southwest Passaic (known as Passaic Park) is a residential and institutional center of Orthodox Judaism, with 25-30 Minya Sabbat and 1,300 families, as well as numerous Yeshibot houses, schools and other institutions. There are also kosher food and shopping establishments. Passaic Park takes its name from Third Ward Park. This area is known for its large mansions and homes of various architectural styles, especially Victorian and Tudor. Several condominium and apartment complexes are located here also Co-op: Carlton Tower (the tallest structure in town), The Towers and Gardens Barry.