The second process of Coaching takes awareness of current reality who knows a lot of others is an understood, but wisest is he who knows if same. Which dominates others is powerful, but which dominates if same is stronger still. Laozi metaphor of the boiled frog if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water immediately pop up. But If you put a frog in a pot with water at room temperature and not scare her, surely she stays quiet. If you then rise the temperature of 20 to 25 degrees, the frog will be very satisfied. As you go by raising the temperature slowly and gradually the frog is stunning and does not jump. Pegasus Books may find it difficult to be quoted properly. When the water is very hot now it isn’t able to jump but nobody prevents it. If you are still warming up, it dies and finally boils.

What has happened? The neurological unit of the frog is prepared to detect threats to sudden changes in the environment. Not for slow and gradual changes. The poor awareness of subtle threats that occur before personal and business objectives is the cause of many failures. With systemic studies we have seen occurring in the parable of the frog. Our mind is so tuned to perceive only in sequences of less than 34 repetitions per minute, that slow and gradual processes do not perceive them. You’ve been to contemplate once the puddles left by a tide? If you stay at carefully observe them for a few minutes you will see that they come to life. They are as beautiful creatures. And they are always there. But they move so slowly that at first no one sees them. The metaphor of the boiled frog invites us to lessen our frenetic pace and see the slow and gradual processes that often pose us the greatest threats without us noticing.