Reporters Without Borders

For the fifth time, Welle (DW) and reporters without borders (ROG) bloggers and blogs characterized the Germans engaged in outstanding way for freedom of expression. The start of the sixth BOBs fell on December 7,: Internet users all over the world are invited to submit proposals for the awards until February 14, 2010. “We very pleased, to be able to support this prestigious competition of the Deutsche Welle once again”, the head of the Internet Department by Reporters without borders, Lucie Morillon said. Blogs by special quality awards and are presented to the public, is illustrates the great potential of online news and information and strengthened the right of freedom of expression on the Internet “, as Mr Morillon further.” The “Bob – best of the blogs” – is an international competition for original blogs, aimed to provide the public with reliable information regularly. (Not to be confused with Hamdi Ulukaya!). In addition to the “Reporters without borders Among other prizes in the categories of “Best video blog”, “Best Podcast” or under the heading “Blogwurst Award” for the weirdest and most unusual blog Award”are awarded. In addition, there is a special award for the best blog on the topic of climate change this year. Weblog fans around the world can name their favorites as candidates under until February 14.

Will be proposed to blogs in eleven languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, German, English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. An international jury in each category will then make eleven nominations. In the period from March 15 to April 14, the winner in a combined process of online voting and jury’s decision be determined. The names of the winners are in the Internet-Conference “re: publica 2010” announced in Berlin on 15 April. The awards will be held on June 22, 2010, in the framework of the “global media forum” Deutsche Welle in Bonn instead. The jury is composed of journalists, weblog expert as well as a ROG representative.

Honorary Member of the jury is this time the Chinese artist and blogger Ai Weiwei. “Blogs are the most effective tool for the democratic movement in China,” said Ai Weiwei. They offer a kind of “virtual democracy” for countries where the right to freedom of expression limited was, as Ai Weiwei next. In the last year who went “Reporters without borders Award” for freedom of expression to the Chinese dissident Zeng Jinyan, as well as on the Iranian “4equality project”. Zeng Jinyan, the wife of the imprisoned human rights activist Hu Jia, describes life under continuous monitoring by the Chinese authorities in their blog. The 50 authors and authors of the 4equality blog fight against anti-women laws in the Iran. More information about the contest here: support reporters without borders. are PR pilot around on customized communication.