The Accumulation

In its narrative, she leaves explicit that the Italian company practical had deliberated of racial discrimination and sort when paying lower wages for the black employees and women in the same functions. When contracting it, the company was searching if to bring up to date as organization, modernizing its working relations, therefore she was common in the companies to more delegate the functions of Human resources to a bureaucrat without preparation adjusted to face the conflicts members of labor party. Its actions when eliminating the distortions were based on the Brazilian legislation, effective since the implantation of the CLT in years 30, that it establishes for the same functions or positions, equal wages. The fulfilment of the law and the estimated ones of equality are based on the weberianos concepts of bureaucracy, having implied the interpretation ' ' racional' ' of the law, to the base of rigorously formal concepts (Weber, 2004). Evidently, the concern of the professional was not based on a perspective humanist, or better, affirmative, but in the efficiency of the capitalist system, in the estimated one of the rationality of the accumulation. When discriminating wage the blacks and women, the Italian company not only disrespected Brazilian legislation as well as one of the principles of the modern administration. She is difficult to understand the position of the organization when practising such discriminations in a strange country and with significant a black population. Normally, foreign organizations contract here the related administrative professionals to administrative the legal and practical aspects, therefore hardly an administrator, either of which country will be, is capable to quickly understand practical the bureaucratic ones, predominant uses and customs. He is not difficult to assume that the practical ones above told can have been suggested or exactly respected without bigger ceremonies for the Brazilian professionals, reflecting in its a hierarquizada vision of the populations human beings and sort practical.